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    How it Works

    Grab a gig is an online freelance marketplace for Chefs, Bakers, Bartenders and more.
    “Post, find or grab a gig”

    Grab a gig connects Talent/ Freelancers and Employers seeking qualified candidates for their private or public event, usually called employers. Employers seeking to hire a Talent /Freelancer to work on a gig/ job simply need to submit the gig/ jobs details and their budget and within minutes receive bids from qualified candidates.

    Talent/Freelancers apply to gigs/ jobs for free. Employers post their job listing for free for a limited time.

    Beginning April 2016: using credits. New registered users receive 12 Free Credits given at sign up, extra credits can be purchased at any time from the User’s dashboard.

    Employers can monitor each new candidate and carefully select the one that best fit each gig/ jobs on their dashboard. From there they can also select the winning candidate and initiate the development terms discussion. As soon as the development terms are agreed the gigs/ job starts.

    Escrow is supported through PayPal meaning that transactions between parties are secured and guaranteed for each party, including the site owners fee. This fee can be a percentage (10%) of the project agreed budget or a fixed price.

    Grab a gig is a community that values your trust and safety as our number one priority:

    • State-of-the-art security for your funds, all transactions are secured with GeoTrust 128-bit SSL encryption.
    • Our Payment system ensures your payments are released only when you are satisfied.
    • Our representatives are available 24/7 to assist if you have any problems.
    • Release payment only when the gig/ job is completed to your satisfaction.

    Client Features

    User Dashboard

    The dashboard is the nerve center for your site’s users – a single page where they have access to all their notifications, gigs/projects, proposals, purchases, reviews, contact info, site stats and favorites. Each project is clearly marked with their current status.

    Participants Workspace

    After a project is assigned to a Talent/Freelancers, both participants, employer and Talent/Freelancers, get access to a unique Workspace where they can both manage the gig/project. It acts like the core hub for a project where all the related information can be accessed and managed.

    Terms Negotiation

    After an employer chooses a project candidate, it’s important that both parties agree their terms for the project before the official assignment. At this time,employers and Talent/Freelancers can negotiate with each other until they are both happy or unhappy with each other terms.

    Escrow Ready

    For each agreed project you can hold the money until work ends (via PayPal Adaptive Payments). On completed projects, the money held in escrow minus any site commissions will be automatically transferred to the freelancer. On non completed projects, employers are automatically refunded.

    Choose Candidates

    Employers can easily access their projects proposals from within their dashboard and from there analyze, browse profiles and choose the winning proposal. At this time, the proposal author becomes a candidate to work on the gig/project.